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    Indian Medicines Pharmaceutical Corporation Ltd. (IMPCL), a CPSE under the administrative Control of Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India is engaged in Manufacturing and Marketing of Ayurvedic and Unani Medicines. IMPCL is profit making organization since its inception to till date.

    IMPCL is one of most trusted manufacturers of AYUSH Medicines in the Country and is known for authenticity of its formulations. Keeping in view of the spread of Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) in India its declaration as Pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and decision of Government of India to treat this as a notified disaster, IMPCL was able to cater the needs of the Country in the shortest time, Probably the first Company in the Country to provide Immuno Boosting Medicines as Auraksha Immuno Boosting Kit (Kit comprises of four Ayurvedic Medicines – Sansamani (Giloy) Vati, Chyavanprash, Anu Taila & Ayush Kvath which ensures for enchancing immunity against COVID-19 like infection) at the rate of Rs. 350 (presently Rs. 450 per kit). It is one of the lowest – price such kits available in the domestic Market for mass population of the country. AYUSH products certainly play a pivotal role to augment preventive measures during COVID-19 preventive measures during COVID-19 Pandemic. The current understanding of COVID-19 indicates that good immune status is vital for prevention and safeguard from disease profession. Since the onset of COVID-19 Pandemic, IMPCL has provided immunity boosting AYUSH Products as part of Preventive Management, awareness and to bring the behavioural change to mitigate the situation.

Besides the above, IMPCL has significantly contributed during COVID-19 Pandemic, by providing necessary other AYUSH PRODUCTS like – AYUSH-64 Agastyaharitaki Rasayan, Ashvagandha etc. to counter the said Pandemic as Preventive measure and to enhance the immunity of the Public at large across the country. Free distribution of Immunity Booster Ayurvedic medicines among the vulnerable Groups of people in the surrounding area. Organising of COVID-19 Awareness camps to make people aware about the pandemic and how to keep themselves safe. People have been also educated to take care themselves in case they are reported COVIND Positive. Organising awareness camp under the guidance of trained Doctors and free distribution of medicines for the Below Poverty Line (BPL) people of the surrounding area.

   IMPCL also contributed towards PM CARE Fund to combat Pandemic. Free distribution of Immunity Booster Kits to various Govt. Institutions/ Police Personnel Utilization of CSR funds for supply of medicines to combat COVID-19 for the below poverty line people (BPL) in the surrounding area. Continuous and un-interrupted supply of much required Ayurvedic/ Unani Medicines to various Central/ State Government institution(s) to meet their health programme requirements.

   Every Government institution doing business with IMPCL has praised the Company effort for providing steady support to various health programmes and ensuring an unbroken supply of products during the COVID-19 Pandemic. This development also provided vibrancy in the growth of sales of its Products, IMPCL has recorded highest turnover in the history and an all time high profit is recorded for the year.

    From the above, it can be stated that IMPCL is slated towards making significant contribution for the Attam Nirbhar Bharat as Self Reliant organization and making significant contribution during COVID-19 Pandemic to the Nation.

                With Kind Regards,

(Dr. Mukesh Kumar)

Managing Director

Last Updated on : 07/05/2021